Greeting Cards From Home

Parents, Family, Friends and
Supporters of Our Military

Anita Johnson is on a mission.

The current economy has devastated millions of people due to record job and home losses. And as a result, charitable giving is suffering TOO!

So how can you still support non-profit organizations and charities if you are barely able to cover your own living expenses?

The solution is Greeting Cards From Home

Because I am just one of thousands of parents of "The Few, The Proud" and have been a volunteer for the non-profit organization, my primary goal is to help other parents, as well as this 501(c)(3) public charity, in a way that makes economic sense for everyone.

Greeting Cards From Home is a fundraiser that gives you MORE than a warm and fuzzy, good feeling for having done something positive for someone else. Greeting Cards From Home will:

  • Encourage more heartfelt support to, and frequent communication with:

    • The young men and women who are currently in boot camp (aka Recruits);

    • Injured and ill Recruits whose boot camp training has been interrupted until they recover, as well as Marines who are in hospitals due to illnesses or injuries;

    • Marines and all other service members currently serving overseas, especially the troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan; and

  • Introduce you to an online, automated system that can help you easily stay in touch with your Marines (and other service members), no matter where they are stationed in the world.

Get the FREE reports that share my own personal experience which evolved into an idea that has now become a mission. These reports reveal two tangible services you can utilize to help you make donations that will benefit a worthy cause.

And one of these services will also help raise awareness about one of the largest and most successfully run civilian military-oriented outreach organizations in the world. Allow me to show you how you can use this free service to also generate donations.

Greeting Cards From Home
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